Marquee Hire Prices

What does it cost to hire a marquee in East Anglia?

At Norfolk Marquee Hire we pride ourselves on offering affordably priced packages for weddings, parties and events in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

The price of marquee hire varies according to the size of the tent you need, and the extras you choose. Extras are of course optional, but they do extra comfort, convenience and yes, luxury, to your venue.

Pricing for a typical wedding marquee

So let’s imagine we’re pricing up a wedding marquee for a large garden in Thetford.

Please note – these prices are based on our 2017 price list – always check before confirming your booking.

There are 90 guests invited to the reception (that includes the bride, groom, bridesmaids and parents of the happy couple. A sit-down meal is planned for the afternoon with a disco and buffet in the evening.

For a wedding on a budget

For a simple look and feel to the event, you could hire a marquee, tables and chairs for less than £800.00. The marquee will be delivered and put up a couple of days before the event so that you can decorate it to your taste.

Adding luxury to your marquee a little bit at a time

If you wanted to add a bit of luxury, marquee lining is perfect. It hides all of the poles and gives a seamless finish. It’s an ideal back drop if you are planning to use uplighters, fairy lights or laser lights for the evening “do”. Norfolk marquee hire offers plain or ruched linings in white and ivory respectively. We also have black marquee linings which looks fantastic with fairy lights above and around a stage or dance floor, giving a star light night sky effect.

Speaking of dance floors. Don’t let your guests get stuck in the mud. We have a lovely 6m x 6m wooden dance floor that you can hire for a very modest price.

Next you need to think about table decorations. Some people like to set the scene with crisp white tablecloths. These help to bounce the light around the marquee enhancing its freshness and airiness. Table cloths are delivered crisp clean and ironed, ready to throw over tables.

Chair covers. Our chairs are very comfortable and look great without covers. But, if you want to go for the luxury look, we have pure white chair covers in stock. They cost just £1 each to hire. A small price to pay for big visual impact.

A marquee with space for 90 people, chairs, tables, dance floor, lining, table linen and chair covers costs around £1400 to hire at 2017 prices

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Will you have enough space?

Where will the caterers be preparing the wedding breakfast? Do you need an extra, smaller tent discretely tagged onto the side so that they bring fridges and have room for dishing up? What about the smokers? Event industry studies have calculated that around 25% of people attending your event will smoke, With plenty of prior warning, we can erect a marquee smoking area outside the main tent but still with easy access to the bar and the dance floor. Previous customers have said that this helped them enormously, there is a tendency for people to congregate outside with their cigarettes and become detached from the main event – which always seems like a shame.

Marquee hire – the flexibility to fit your budget

The joy of a marquee wedding is that it can be planned to fit in with your budget. You are not obliged to hire flooring, tables or anything other than a very basic marquee. On the other hand, you can go all-out and have a truly indulgent venue. You can pick and choose the features you do and don’t want, we’re flexible and we’re here to help.

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